[Marxism] Israel, South Africa and the single-state non-solution

James Holstun jamesholstun at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 17:26:05 MDT 2010

Louis, how can you have the popular revolution that you and I want in Palestine without guaranteeing the right of return for exiled Palestinians? 

Doesn't the current two-state project imply, at best, the installation of a Palestinian national bourgeoisie?

How can one guarantee a practical right of return for millions of Palestinians to the tiny state (22% of historical Palestine) that is the best possible outcome of the two-state model? Doesn't the right of return require one-state, which would simply apply international law and allow Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to their country of origin?

And if you reject the one-state solution, and see the two-state solution as "another chimera," what model do you favor instead, and what historical tendencies do you see towards its realization?

Yes, there are all kinds of grim capitalist prospects, even for a democratic and unified Palestine. But despite the capitalist horrors of contemporary Kenya and South African, I doubt you could find many of their black citizens yearning for British colonial rule or apartheid.


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