[Marxism] A response to Blankfort's hatchet job on Chomsky

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 18:20:27 MDT 2010

Oh, don't go off in a snit, Manuel.  You can't be "done with" me now, since
I see no evidence that you've engaged what I'm saying in the first

This isn't a deification of Noam Chomsky or anything like that.

Anyone serious about building a movement here is going to have to build it
out of human material that is light-year farther away from us than Chomsky.

Surely, if we've learned nothing from decades in the movement, we've learned
that it will NOT be built by staking out the moral high ground and
denouncing everybody who doesn't meet it.  This has been tried by many
groups and persons over the last century.  Look around.  It's not worked.


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