[Marxism] Israel, South Africa and the single-state non-solution

James Holstun jamesholstun at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 21:09:51 MDT 2010

Louis, I think you're closer to Ali Abunimah than you want to admit--also to As'ad AbuKhalil, Edward Said, Ilan Pappe, and the other advocates of a secular, democratic Palestine. Abunimah's discussion of Moshe Ahrens and the other right-wing Zionist one-staters is precisely the dialectical approach that Engels favors in SOCIALISM: UTOPIAN AND SCIENTIFIC--looking for impulses, contradictions, and movements that might be bent toward a radical social transformation, rather than simply insisting on an abstract ideal. 

It misrepresents his argument to suggest he's embracing the right-wingers, of whom he says, "Their visions still fall far 
short of what any Palestinian advocate of a single state would consider 
to be just: the Israeli proposals insist on maintaining the state's 
character -- at least symbolically -- as a 'Jewish state,' exclude the 
Gaza Strip, and do not address the rights of Palestinian refugees." http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article11411.shtml

I wish Abunimah's ONE COUNTRY had dealt more with class struggles and the Palestinian communist tradition. But in arguing for one state and the right of return, he seizes the bull point. Anything short of this will inevitably produce, at best, a sordid and patriarchal Palestinian national bourgeoisie.

Thanks for your wonderful blog and for all your work.


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