[Marxism] Luis Corvalán Dies at 93 (Franco's terminology)

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 09:15:28 MDT 2010

Tom, you wrote a confusing post and I'm not sure who this is aimed at with
charnges of 'ultra-left critics'. But to the point, Franco was no obssesed
with "Stalinists". In the small number of works I've read of him and the
larger volumes of Falange material, "Stalinists" hardly pass their pens.
"Communists" was the term he, and they, used, referrring to everyone to
their left including the Socialists (which, arguably, the largest wing WAS
to the left of the official communists in Spain at that time). At any rate,
trying to tar legitimate discussion of the *problems of revolutions* with
the brush of 'ultra-leftism' is hardly a serious critcism, especially on
this list. You would have to be, and should be, more specific, I think.

In terms of Chile...there ARE, IMO, ultra-left criticism and there are
reformist (or should I say 'ultra-reformist') cricisms of revolutionaries as
well (the CP's famous pamphlet on Chile attacking the MIR AND those critics
of the Allende/CP government is one example).


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