[Marxism] Israel, South Africa and the single-state non-solution

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Nestor Gorojovsky (nmgoro at gmail.com) wrote on 2010-07-29 at 14:21:36 in  
about Re: [Marxism] Israel, South Africa and the single-state non-solution:
> Of course, you can always start by saying that any Jew in Palestine who 
> has not reached the place before, say, 1870, should pack and leave. I 
> feel this is a highly impractical measure.

   I think that would be neither wise nor justified. 

   The colonizers should just accept to live with the Arabs as really equals. 
No "Jewish State" in Palestine, the same as there is no "white state" or "boor 
province" in post-Apartheid South Africa. 

   I am also not so keen to demand that the Jewish settlements in the West 
Bank should be demolished and their inhabitants being returned to the 
pre-1967 Israel, as was done with the settlements on the Sinai peninsula and 
later in the Gaza strip (where they destroyed all houses, but left only the 
synagogues intact, a real provocation). Maybe one could demand some kind 
of affirmative action. What has to be done in any case, is to dismantle the 
fortress character of the settlements, and a disarmament of the settler 
gangs. I think that people like Avnery -- which I respect a lot for his 
courageous stand -- think that Jews should not live under Arab majority rule, 
so that the people living in the settlements should all be evacuated. 

   I think that many, especially those who still hold their US-american 
passport, will not be ready to live with Arabs on an equal footing, they think 
that a Jew has to be the Master Race ruling the country; and those will leave 
packing and go back to Brooklyn or whatever they really feel at home. 

  I also think that it is OK to maneuver with the divisions in the camp of the 
colonial settlers (which includes not only those beyond the pre-1967 
borders), agreeing with Avnery that not each and every Jew from wherever in 
the world should have automatic citizenship, and citing positively that all of 
Palestine should not be divided in the end, but at the same time not as an 
ethnic dictatorship, but that all refugees since 1948 should have the right to 
return, and that the land has to be redistributed. 

   If Ali Abumineh has mean this, I'm with him. But I should also add that he 
overlooks in his comparison with South Africa one most significant event: the 
defeat of the Apartheid army which goes by the name of Cuito Cuanavale, 
that little outpost in south-eastern Angola, where South African troops were 
defeated by a coalition of Cuban, Angolan, and Namibian fighters, ending 
forever the incursions into Angola and securing the independence of Namibia. 

   As Fidel Castro said: there is African history before and after Cuito 

Comradely yours, 
Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany

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