[Marxism] Israel, South Africa and the single-state non-solution

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Thu Jul 29 17:46:25 MDT 2010

Angelus Novus wrote:
What *is* true is that within the left in Germany, there is a fairly 
widespread anti-Israel sentiment, compared with the left in other 
countries. That sort of thing is the unfortunate consequence of a left 
that thinks the proper task of leftists is to get mixed up in the 
territorial claims of opposing national collectives.
A longtime and close German friend of mine broke off all relations and 
contact with me because of my criticisms (too irreverent, perhaps) of 
the Zionist entity. He is a former (youthful) Maoist, and his reaction 
had nothing to do with "territorial claims," but rather with what he 
perceived to be un-pc speech.

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