[Marxism] David Rovics' statement on the PFLP

Darren Cogavin darrencogavin at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 30 08:26:26 MDT 2010

I don't like the nasal whines of David Rovics but it's cool he's doing this. 

> The PFLP solidarity campaign is organising a PFLP fundraiser concert in
> Christchurch featuring David Rovics supported by a local Wellington folk singer,
> long time communist and Workers Party member. The PFLP asked us if David Rovics
> would make a short statement of support. Here's what he came back with:
> *"The criminalization of the PFLP and other organizations by various
> governments is sheer hypocrisy. These same governments are signatories to
> UN conventions that make it clear -- the PFLP and the Palestinian people
> generally are not criminals. They are resisting a criminal occupation -- it
> is the militaristic, apartheid state of Israel which is the criminal here,
> which needs to be treated as such, not the PFLP."* - David Rovics,
> singer-songwriter
> I think this is a good statement because one of the things Leila Khaled
> indicated to us was a vital role for people in the West is to campaign for them
> to be removed from the various terror lists. This statement addresses that issue.
> The concert is being held as part of our ongoing PFLP solidarity work, which
> involves producing t-shirts and sending all the profits to the Popular Front, as
> well as other work to support their campaign for a democratic secular *and
> socialist* state.
> Don't forget, comrades can buy a shirt from:
> http://wpnz-pflp-solidarity.blogspot.com/
> or via the link on the PFLP's English language website: http://www.pflp.ps/english/
> There are two designs, one with the Palestinian flag an the "Resistance is not
> Terrorism" slogan and one with an iconic picture of Leila Khaled, signed by
> Comrade Khaled herself.
> Cheers,
> John

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