[Marxism] Earliest use of word "Stalinism"?

Grover Furr-FM furrg_nj at fastmail.fm
Fri Jul 30 14:46:29 MDT 2010

Dear Mr Goodwin:

> The term "Stalinism" was coined by Lazar Kaganovich and was never used
> by Joseph Stalin

I can't find any evidence of that. Nor does the site you quote give a 
source. The Britannica article you included in your post, particularly 
the second half of it, is full of the usual anticommunist demonization 
of Stalin claptrap, utterly false stuff.

One listmember sent me a reference to a New York Times article of July 
17, 1927, in which a German former communist who had turned 
Social-Democrat, is quoted as using the term "Stalinism." Fascinating! 
but I have to try to find the German original.

To repeat: I'm especially interested in the use of the term "Stalinist" 
by Trotsky, and earlier than October 28, 1927. I think I have one 
earlier usage, in September 1927. But my guess is it was used earlier 
than that as well.

It seems that there's no "complete works" of Trotsky in Russian! At 
least I can't find it, though there are lots of "archive" editions, etc.


Grover Furr

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