[Marxism] Earliest use of word "Stalinism"?

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If anyone knows the answer to the following question, please write to Grover 

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> I'm trying to track down the earliest use of the word "Stalinism" -- in
> Russian, "stalinizm".
> It seems to have been coined by Trotsky. The earliest use of the word by
> him that I've found so far is in the October 28, 1927 "Statement to the
> Joint Plenum of the Central Committee and the Central Control Commission."
> Please let me know if you know of any earlier occurrence of the word
> "Stalinism", whether by Trotsky or (conceivably) someone else.
> I'd also like to know if there has ever been any other history of the
> use of the word "Stalinism."
> Grover Furr
> Montclair State University
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