[Marxism] Earliest use of word "Stalinism"?

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Grover Furr-FM (furrg_nj at fastmail.fm) wrote on 2010-07-30 at 16:46:29 in  
about [Marxism]  Earliest use of word "Stalinism"?:
> To repeat: I'm especially interested in the use of the term "Stalinist" 
> by Trotsky, and earlier than October 28, 1927. I think I have one 
> earlier usage, in September 1927. But my guess is it was used earlier 
> than that as well.

  Anyway, Trotsky was wrong using that term. The proper term is Bakuninism. 
Bakunin has older rights for what others called wrongly "Stalinism".  

  Then there is the other interesting question, when was the ML extended to 
"Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism", and by whom? You know, those people had 
added Stalin's head to the trio of Marx, Engels, and Lenin. 

  Leaving out Engels from the sequence of name-that-person_isms is really 
a disgrace, by the way, since Engels made very important contributions, too. 
Although he could not be used for doctrinairian concoctions, so maybe that's 
why he was left out. 

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