[Marxism] International progressives and Press TV

johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz
Mon Aug 1 02:40:01 MDT 2011

Joseph Catron wrote:

> If we're going to boycott state media, I can think of far better
> reasons to start with the BBC or the Voice of America (both of which I've
> also dealt with lately), or any number of comparable Western outlets. After
> all, unlike the IRI, which has never launched a war, the governments these
> media represent actually go around attacking, invading, and occupying other
> people's countries. The internal affairs of a state that minds its own
> business simply don't strike me as my business in the same way.

That may well make sense to an American living in the USA, but for Iranians,
working for the revolutionary overthrow of the Iranian theocracy, it makes
perfect sense that they would call for leftists outside Iran to stop providing
their services to an organ of that repressive state. Would a Western leftist go
on Israeli state TV to do an interview (other than to attack the Israeli state,
the opportunity for which is unlikely to occur of course)? Furthermore, if a
Western leftist goes on Voice of America or the BBC, it doesn't really promote
the idea to leftist viewers that VoA or the BBC are really the voice of a
progressive government. Being seen on PressTV could well contribute to that
notion given the confusion that exists in the Western left over the nature of
the Iranian regime.

I would suggest that whenever a Western leftist gets the opportunity to appear
on the Beeb or VoA, they should seize the chance, because it is a genuine and
rare opportunity to be heard in the mass media, regardless of the US or UK's
role in global warmongering, because the benefits of appearing in such media are
potentially large and the risks comparatively small. Appearing on PressTV on the
other hand will reach a relatively small audience, but will form part of the
propaganda arsenal of the Iranian state to keep up the impression that the
Iranian regime is in some way progressive.

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