[Marxism] CIA Forced to Release Long Secret Official History of Bay of Pigs Invasion

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> National Security Archive Update, August 1, 2011
> National Security Archive lawsuit yields never-before-seen volumes of
> Massive Study; Agency continues to withhold Volume 5
> For more information contact:
> Peter Kornbluh - 202/994-7000
> http://www.nsarchive.org
> Washington, D.C., August 1, 2011 - Pursuant to a FOIA lawsuit filed by the
> National Security Archive on the 50th anniversary of the infamous CIA-led
> invasion of Cuba, the CIA has released four volumes of its Official History
> of the Bay of Pigs Operation. The Archive today posted volume 2,
> "Participation in the Conduct of Foreign Policy" which contains detailed
> information on the CIA's negotiations with Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and
> Great Britain on support for the invasion.
> "These are the last remaining secret records of U.S. aggression against
> Cuba," noted Peter Kornbluh, who directs the Cuba Documentation Project at
> the Archive. "The CIA has finally seen the wisdom of letting the public
> scrutinize this major debacle in the covert history of U.S. foreign policy."
> Kornbluh noted that the agency was "still refusing to release volume 5 of
> its official history." Volume 5 is a rebuttal to the stinging CIA's
> Inspector General's report, done in the immediate aftermath of the
> paramilitary assault, which held CIA officials accountable for a wide
> variety of mistakes, miscalculations and deceptions that characterized the
> failed invasion. The National Security Archive obtained the declassification
> of the ultra-secret Inspector General's report in 1998.
> Volume 2 provides new details on the negotiations and tensions with other
> countries, including Great Britain, which the CIA needed to provide
> logistical and infrastructure support for the invasion preparations. The
> volume describes Kennedy Administration efforts to sustain the cooperation
> of Guatemala, where the main CIA-led exile brigade force was trained, as
> well as the deals made with Anastacio Somoza to gain Nicaragua's support for
> the invasion.
> Volume 3 of the Official History was previously declassified under the
> Kennedy Assassination Record Act. The Archive will post a detailed
> assessment of the declassified history, along with two other volumes
> tomorrow.
> http://www.nsarchive.org
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