[Marxism] Primary Lessons.

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 19:25:13 MDT 2011

My concern is particularly with the African American community.  The
tendency has always been towards a knee-jerk defense of one of their own in
the hot seat.  This is the flip side of the sense of achievement they felt
at Obama's election.  And now opposition to Obama seems like an attack on
the achievements of black America.

Any primary opposition to him within the Democratic Party and any serious
third party campaign is going to have to take this into consideration.

Oddly enough, an essential dimension of protecting a groundless faith in the
president is the repeated assertion that his presidential skills are garbage
. . . that he's a poor tactician with absolutely no negotiating skills.  In
reality, of course, we're right where he wanted to place us, and he's served
exactly who he wanted to serve and demonstrated to the ruling class that the
Democratic Party can serve its interests very well in this new relationship
of forces in which there is virtually no independent social force to which
the Democrats have to pretend to be accountable.


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