[Marxism] Primary Lessons.

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 19:34:36 MDT 2011

Mark wrote:

> My concern is particularly with the African American community.  The
> tendency has always been towards a knee-jerk defense of one of their own in
> the hot seat.  This is the flip side of the sense of achievement they felt
> at Obama's election.  And now opposition to Obama seems like an attack on
> the achievements of black America.
> Yes, Mark,  the outcome of Obama's presidency has been a tremendous blow to
them.  But in a sense it is a journey that they had to make. It is a very
bitter lesson no doubt, but the primacy of class over ethnicity has never
been so clearly demonstrated.

Part of my anger with the Gay movement in America is that they have
shamelessly allowed themselves to provide cover for Obama. I was quite
sickened by the sight of gays chanting "Yes he can" when DADT was repealed.
Gays will pay dearly for their "leaders'" blatant display of indifference to
the suffering of Obama's victims.

comradely  regards


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