[Marxism] Ralph Nader, What Will this Chronically Disillusioned, Delusional Democrat do in 2012?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 08:43:48 MDT 2011

Oh, yeah.  It's easy to say you're for principled unity with a basis where
everybody has to agree with you and support your organization.

Stewart Alexander, the leading SP candidate began announcing his intentions
of seeking the Green nomination as well, but he regrettably withdrew this
before facing any opposition there and for no good reason.  That leads me to
see the best elements in the SP as constrained in what they can do towards
such ends.  I posted this announcement here with my regrets at his choice
and it elicited zero interest in terms of a discussion.. . . at least here,
in a rather public venue.

Ever since this current calling itself the SP began running campaigns, they
have been smaller than several of the other socialist campaigns that were
already running regularly.  If it actually wanted to reestablish a united
socialist ticket--even to the extent that the original old SP
represented--why didn't it go to those existing parties and support them, or
encourage them to support each others campaigns, or even to define itself as
a kind of electoral coalition on which socialists of all sorts could run. .
. .rather the way Camejo and the ISO once envisioned the Greens.

Not that I think that's the best course at this point.

Masses of Americans are recognizing the two-party system as toxic.  Most
will hold their noses and just not go near it, but others might be ready for
an attempt to do something.  Many will be open to socialist ideas, but some
will balk at the label.  The dynamic of such things will be clear.

I don't see any good purpose in denouncing them for having supported
Democrats in the past or pretending that independent candidates are somehow
closet Democrats . . . the most obvious purpose of which is a demonstration
of the peculiar virtues of one's own treehouse.

This is also reflected in the way that criticisms of this building-one's-own
treehouse approach is equated to hostility to building movements, etc.   The
movement is not the treehouse and the treehouse is certainly not the

But, again, there are deep tectonic forces at work that will, eventually,
render moot whatever we say here.  Events will educate the reasonable.


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