[Marxism] Ralph Nader, What Will this Chronically Disillusioned, Delusional Democrat do in 2012?

Pinchy Way pinchyway1 at aol.com
Wed Aug 3 08:58:01 MDT 2011

No, Mark, you don't see the need to denounce this strategy of running inside the Democrat Party primaries once again supposedly 'Left-er' Democrats.   In fact, you think it the extreme of sectarianism to do so.   There is a whole crowd of people with the same opinion over on the Democratic Party oriented 'Common Dreams' site, too.   You would find yourself right at home over there.

'I don't see any good purpose in denouncing them (masses of Americans) for having supported
Democrats in the past or pretending that independent candidates are somehow
closet Democrats . . . the most obvious purpose of which is a demonstration
of the peculiar virtues of one's own treehouse.'

And, Mr. Proyect, I love your movie reviews!   They are YOU! and are definitely the best movie reviews I have ever read outside of those classic '60s and '70s Mad Militant Magazine movie reviews of the so recent historical past!   Keep up the great work.

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