[Marxism] Ralph Nader, What Will this Chronically Disillusioned, Delusional Democrat do in 2012?

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 09:53:10 MDT 2011

Thanks to David for the updates on California.  Please keep us posted and
let us know if we can do anything to encourage the process.

To Erik on Ohio: the SP and the Greens had absolutely nothing to do with
opening up the ballot access . . . other than wanting it happen, of course.
For reasons known only to the state authorities announced a new set of rules
that gave us a window of access.  And, after a few years, they've reversed
themselves on it and closed that window.  The Greens are responding with
some firm letter-writing and lobbying, I think, but I suspect it will weigh
little in the balance.  We'll see what the courts do, I guess, but let's not
delude ourselves as to our role in all this.

There's a similar kind of self-important exaggeration in the assumption
behind Pinchy's latest description of my position: "Mark, you don't see the
need to denounce this strategy of running inside the Democrat Party
primaries once again supposedly 'Left-er' Democrats."

The notion that such a thing depends on denunciations by me or Pinchy or the
list is just fucknuts.  It will happen or not depending on all sorts of
things in which we have zero effect.

But, beyond that, I am astonished at Pinchy's assumption that this would
better than the alternative . . . an unopposed televisual coronation of the
president centered on meaningless sound bytes and utter p.r. b.s.  In 1964,
it was a good thing that the Freedom Democratic Party with its black panther
logo turned up at the Democratic National convention demanding the seating
of their racially integrated delegation from Mississippi.  I'm not sure
whether any socialists at the time felt this "need to denounce this
strategy, but if they were, it would have been nuts.  In the same sense, it
was a good thing that an antiwar presence of some sort made itself felt in
the 1968 Democratic primaries.  It wasn't enough, of course, but that's a
far cry from making it something we "need to denounce."

I generally think the "need to denounce" has other sources than a clear
political analysis.

Mark L.

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