[Marxism] MRZine circulates Syrian government trash

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Wed Aug 3 11:49:22 MDT 2011

Syria: What Is Going On in Hama?
by Bassam al-Kadi

Hama has suffered for the (at least) past three weeks from 
lawlessness and nearly complete absence of the entire state and 
its organs, and from control by groups of armed teenagers and 
criminals who (left without any other choice, in the opinion of 
the US and French ambassadors) actually erected roadblocks and 
expropriated the city.  Each criminal among them became the king 
of his own dunghill, where he could stop anyone to ask to see 
their ID card, with all the volatile possibilities that such a 
behavior entails. . . .

Indeed, government officials have become under house arrest in one 
way or another, unable to wander in the city, and some of them 
were not even able to leave their home to go to work!

A lot of employees who live outside the city limits were advised 
against (and sometimes prevented from) trying to go to work in the 

Criminals fought in the streets with each other because of 
differences, some of which were quite frivolous, while others were 
related to schemes aimed to paralyze the city by imposing a strike 
on every shop and every business.

full: http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2011/alkadi020811.html

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