[Marxism] A ‘Roundtable’ on Obama: What Was He Thinking?

Kenneth Morgan kenmor1968 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 17:48:11 MDT 2011

Cory: "Jodi, moderate right is a term relative to the political spectrum. It
doesn’t make sense to say Nixon was to the left of Obama without some
reference to the political circumstances. Nixon was constrained by a still
vibrant New Deal regime; Reagan came into destroy it, and did so somewhat
successfully, but he was still encumbered by it. Obama operates in a
different political world. As for taking him at his word, he’s said a lot of
words. Sometimes he’s quite explicitly signaled a desire to break with the
Reaganite consensus; not just in the campaign but early on in his
presidency. So the words are murky"

I don't know. Sounds like cutting Obama slack to me.

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