[Marxism] Counterpunch joins the pro-Assad brigades

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 4 10:14:05 MDT 2011

Apparently Louis, who is as concerned as I am about the accuracy of media
reporting, counts an eyewitness report such as this which questions that
accuracy as a cardinal sin:

"On Asidi square, at the bottom of the large El-Alamein Avenue, prayer had
finished, to the sound of thousands of people appearing from all across the
city, uniting under a shout of defiance ŒAllah Akbar!¹

That same night on July 15, I received news feeds from the AFP announcing a
million protestors all over Syria, of which 500,000 in Hama alone.

In Hama however, they could not have been more than 10,000."

This report was written two weeks ago. There's little doubt that the heavy
armor which the report cites as "ringing the city" has now entered the city,
and that scores have been killed, though the reliability of the reported
numbers is as questionable as the reports of the size of protests exposed by
this observer.

There's also little doubt that the "West" would very much like yet another
regime which is not firmly in their camp to fall, and that they have turned
on the "demonization spigots" full throttle to soften the ground to any
intervention which will follow (and is already following, in terms of
economic warfare). And sadly, there's also little doubt that many on the
left will join in that demonization campaign, rather than shouting just one
thing, with one voice - "U.S. Hands Off!" And there's also little doubt (as
evidenced here) that those who refuse to join in that demonization campaign
will be labeled not only by the ruling class, but also by people on the
left, as "pro-Assad."

Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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