[Marxism] Counterpunch joins the pro-Assad brigades

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 4 14:28:47 MDT 2011

At 09:14 04/08/11 -0700, Eli Stephens wrote:
>There's also little doubt that the "West" would very much like yet another
>regime which is not firmly in their camp to fall,

It's quite debatable whether "the West" (presumably meaning the advanced
capitalist countries, whose policies and interests are hardly identical)
particularly wants the Assad regime to fall any more than they wanted the
Libyan regime to fall before a revolution started there that they didn't
want to bypass them. But frankly what "the West" (even if uniformly)
"wants" cannot ever be my starting point when assessing a revolutionary
process that is unfolding in Syria or elsewhere and I absolutely reject
Eli's criterion which has caused him (and his co-thinkers) to oppose the
Arab revolution (except in the two cases where events moved too quickly for
them to denounce it!). 

>economic warfare). And sadly, there's also little doubt that many on the
>left will join in that demonization campaign

Well count me as one! Yes I will HAPPILY "demonize" the Syrian regime, if
that's what Eli is trying to say.

Tomorrow in fact there is a demo planned in The Hague (and all around
Europe) in protest of the repression occurring in Hama (and I'm hardly
interested in debating the number actually killed there, unless Eli is
prepared to present me with what an "acceptable" number of victims would
be!). I will attend and support that demo even though I may question the
wisdom of them sending a delegation to meet with the Dutch government's
ministry of foreign affairs as a useful tactic. Just as I support the
Libyan revolution regardless of who else is involved in aiding them. If I
were to do any less then I could hardly call myself a "revolutionary" and
mean it.

- Jeff

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