[Marxism] Counterpunch joins the pro-Assad brigades

pinchy way pinchyway at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 18:31:44 MDT 2011

After reading this most exchange between Mr. Proyect and Eli Stephens, I
can't get out of my head this alternate universe that appeared suddenly
there in my imagination.    In it, we have a Berlin where computers were
first introduced around 1920, and it is late in the year 1942.   At his
computer command center cubicle desk at the Humboldt University of Berlin,
an unrepentant and profoundly marxist man sits at his computer screen,
informing the world about the evil nature of Joe Stalin!, who it turns out,
represses, tortures, and has been known to eat small Aryan babies.
 Germans must be made to know this!  We cannot stop from informing them,
thinks our hero at the computer screen.   Yes, Hitler is bad, but so too is
Stalin.    He must criticize both in equal measure, since it is dialectical
thinking to do so.

Thanks to this unrepentant marxist leader, the German people are quickly
alerted to the danger of a Stalin running mad throughout the Russian region
and YES, even throughout the entire world, and the evil dictator Stalin is
stopped and held back at the bloody battle of Stalingrad.    Later, the
whole world lives happily ever after guided not by the tyrant Stalin, but
the much more powerful and important ruler of Germany making peace with the
many backward peoples of the world, and all living happily ever after under
the rule and direction of the Aryan fuhrer, who the unrepentant marxist also
never failed to criticize, too, from his desk at Humboldt University in
Berlin.   Our unrepentant marxist leader was elated that the evil tyrant
Stalin no longer had his boot over the peoples' collective necks!

He saw the need to be fair about it all.... .. and even entirely so in his
judgment.   And so he was.   He had condemned both Hitler and Stalin in
equal measure.   And so there lies marxism in action in this imaginary world
that lies completely, the unrepentant marxist's fellow comrades will all
say, all in my imagination.

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