[Marxism] Africa: Birthplace of Communism?

Evil For All Time evilforalltime at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 08:05:13 MDT 2011

Enter Kenneth Neal (you can call me Ken): Age, 29, a scholarship-winning
poet/writer and sci-fi novelist who felt compelled to share his
not-to-be-missed experience with readers across the globe. I've been active
enough by doing my part to promote Equality, Free Thinking & Marxism
awareness with my blog:



Yep, I was both floored and freaked out when I came across the The Communist
Manifesto and the level of accuracy its maintained for over 150 years.

I've also just come into realization of how much my personal Libertarian
beliefs aligned with Marxism as a whole. In addition, the famous African
proverb stating that "It takes a village to raise a child" has begun to
resonate among my growing Socialist values. This sentiment evokes a
fundamental theme of maintaining strength and stability within a community.
This saying can traverse the human landscape as a whole, allowing me to
allude that its sentiment echoes a humanly basic, Socialist/Communist need.

What's funny is that months ago, "Evil For All Time" (E-FAT) is my personal
manifesto I wrote also aligns with Marxist ideology. It holds religious and
governmental motives accountable for the breakdown of modern society and
wonders of Africa's possible Communistic origins.

There's been a witchhunt from certain members in our society looking for a
Black Marxist with an agenda. Well now, they definitely got one with a smile
in his face, laughing along side of fellow Free Thinkers & Skeptics!
Progressive times like these require a new branch of economic growth,
perhaps a hybrid of ideologies from Socialist/Marxist/Libertarian
fundamentals are required to establish multiple strongpoints.

Offering brutal honesty, E-FAT the manifesto wonders society’s goal to
enforce daily guidelines that tend to block any form of achieving true
happiness. E-FAT covers a myriad of topics challenging concepts of eugenics,
African American empowerment, sexology, and the numerous metaphysical bonds
humans have to the Earth.

Referrals would be more than appreciated as well. If you have any questions
after viewing my work, especially if guest-writing and volunteering
possibilities are available, please feel free to let me know. Thanks again,
gotta go now, so much work to be done.

-Ken Neal, Atlanta, GA


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