[Marxism] The Syrians' Fear Factor about being assaulted by Israel and the US is a big component of the rebellion against Assad for many

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Fri Aug 5 14:17:46 MDT 2011

Actually, there has always been an Unholy Alliance in the Middle East, Mr.
Proyect.   It was the USA, the Western European imperialist countries,
Israel, EGYPT, and Saudi Arabia, with maybe also we might add in Morocco,
too, and a few others such as Gulf 'States' like Kuwait to boot, that made
up the Unholy Alliance.    Hillary Clinton (bless her sweet sugary little DP
heart) has long tried to encourage Assad with the notion that he too would
be better off if he would join the Unholy Alliance and let Iran get all the
hellfire for itself.   But now poor Mubarak of EGYPT is all alone in his bed
abandoned by these combined saints for the Western Cross, so Atlantic
Magazine of all publications seems now determined to squeeze Syria/ Assad
into the very vacant slot opened up by Mubarak falling down(whether Assad
wants to go or not?), though they feel Damascus is determined to just be
plain bad at all costs.

'Many smart people, in Washington and elsewhere, have long been willing to
forgive the Assad family for their many sins, going back to the tenure of
Bashar's father, Hafiz al Assad, who ruled from 1971 to 2000. The allure of
bringing the Syrian-Israeli state of war to an end and the tantalizing
possibility (a fantasy, it turns out) of breaking the Tehran-Damascus axis
led observers to believe that Hafiz was capable of making peace and that
Bashar was a reformer. Bashar has been tolerated, engaged, even supported in
the hopes that the world could entice him, with the prospects of good
relations with the West, to change. But there was never any real evidence
that Damascus was genuinely interested in peace or reform.'

Yes, I fear many Sunnis in Syria fear war with the US, especially when their
leader is going to be a Shia (Alawite).  But Assad is very stubborn.   And
surely we wouldn't find a nice man like Barack Obama trying to play off the
70% of the Syrian population who are Sunnis against the 15% of the
population under Assad who are Shia?   No, that's just not D.C. like!    The
Syrian Sunnis shouldn't be so easy to break from the Syrian Shia, Iranian
Shia Axis of Evil, should they, Louis?   Don't they understand the need for
proletarian internationalism?

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