[Marxism] Counterpunch joins the pro-Assad brigades

pinchy way pinchyway at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 14:36:02 MDT 2011

Anas Abdelrahim says, 'being anti-imperialist doesn't mean condoning
atrocities in one place because the existing state masquerades as being
anti-imperialist. '

I don't know about Eli, but I would like to reassure all the fine marxists
on this list that I too find Assad and Moamar to be very bad monsters and
hereby say that publicly to the proletariat, too.   These 2 men are

Dennis Brasky says,  'So, opponents of the undialectical "the enemy of my
enemy is, if not my friend, then at least someone I cannot criticize" are
not objectively aiding imperialism, but are in fact "pro imperialist
shills." Pinchy -you would have made a great Stalinist during the time of
the Moscow Trials.'

Gee thanks, Dennis.   So nice of you to say that.   And I have no doubt that
you would have made a very good German officer and would have been telling
the troops what a bad man Stalin was and how he mistreated so many people
right before the volk made their patritotic multiple charges into
Stalingrad.   Seig Heil, Dennis.   (No, I don't really mean that about you,
Dennis.   You are just a confused humanitarian interventionist not for the
NAZIs, but for the USA!)

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