[Marxism] deja vu

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 18:31:54 MDT 2011

I woke up this morning to a severe case of deja vu.  Markets crashing,
misery and fear spreading everywhere. Are we double dipping?  What will that

There was a piece by Polly Toynbee in the Guardian begging for a New Deal
approach.  I dislike Toynbee.  She and the other "moderate" forces in the
British Labour Party destroyed the party to prevent Benn coming to power.
Now she moans about the world she helped create. Still it is quite something
to see an article about the present accompanied by a photo of the Jarrow
march from the Great Depression.  The workers carry a banner that says
or Starve*. Here we go again!

I also meant to comment during the week on the long blog on Obama that
called forth the cream of the US leftist intellectuals. It was a brilliant
discussion that I have still to get through to the end. The very powerful
urge to analyse the man himself was present throughout.  I must confess,
though, to being confused by the fine distinction between whether Obama was
a neocon or a neoliberal.  Myself am content to say in a broad Ulster accent
that he is a "bad bastard".

As Fred and Joaquin will testify I had no illusions in Obama and said that
often and very clearly before his election.  But I will fess up now to an
astonishment that he has turned out to be as bad as I said he was.

One of his attractions to the American ruling class, apart from his
eagerness to please, was that he was an antidote to the anti-Americanism
that Bush fuelled throughout the world. That could be seen must clearly in
Obama's Cairo speech.  All that is now gone.  The recent debt ceiling crisis
pitched the debate between whether he was naive and weak and capitulated to
the Republican and Tea Party right or whether he was a cunning Machiavellian
prick who all along intended to gut the poor.  Both terms of that debate are
bad for Obama and as such they also re-ignite the  erosion of American
hegemony and what is left of the "leader of the Free World" ideology.

That in turn helps to explain why I am hearing so many nervous remarks about
how we better start learning Mandarin.

Billions of dollars though are pouring into the re-elect Obama fund.  And I
have little doubt he will get four more years. But it is over. The tide of
disillusionment cannot be reversed. The future lies not with the con artist
and his platitudes but with the creation of two, three many Tahrirs.



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