[Marxism] Counterpunch joins the pro-Assad brigades

anas abdelrahim shackup70 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 08:37:01 MDT 2011

let me clarify what i meant. we can't be selective in our rejection of certain practices just because we might find it expedient. it smacks of hypocrisy to be on the side of oppressed people somewhere and turn a blind eye to what is clearly  unconscionable brutality unleashed by the Syrian government against the protestors. we are definitely not in a position of power to condone this or that behavior but we can at least be consistent in adhering to our principles without coming across as disingenuous as bourgeois stance when it comes to supporting a given uprising and ignoring others depending on their interests. I think we can do better than this

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On 8/5/11 7:44 PM, Michael Smith wrote:
>> Anas Abdelrahim says, 'being anti-imperialist doesn't mean condoning
>> atrocities
> I much prefer Pinchy's vigorous mockery to this surreal
> managerial talk about 'condoning'. A teacher might condone
> misbehavior, an officer insubordination. But what's this
> grandiose and fatuous notion that the likes of us could
> 'condone' something over which we have no control?

How surreal. The sailboat-owning vice-president of the Ahmadinejad fan 
club lecturing an Iranian Marxist about the need to break with 
imperialism. Where's Brecht when you really need him.

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