[Marxism] 08-06-11 Re: The Syrians' Fear Factor about being assaulted by Israel and the US is a big component of the rebellion against Assad for many

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Sat Aug 6 09:12:55 MDT 2011

Louis Proyect wrote:

Unholy Alliance: How Syria is Bringing Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia 


And what of the positions of others in state power, with their own asses 
to protect? How about Chavez this time? The Castro bros? I dunno - the 
Cameroonians or the Dodecanese? This is getting more opaque by the day. 
Do we need far greater clarification on how those on the left with the 
best interests of the world's working class in their foreground maneuver 
through the shoals of geopolitics? Or what? Is each event more or less 
sui generis? Is there any one saving formula? Got any references to the 
thoughts of the classical Marxists? If so, why wait any longer to 
enlighten us? David Schanoes offered to open a conversation on this 
point, 'imperialisms' large and small, a few months ago. Why not?

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