[Marxism] Responding to UNSC resolution on Syria, Cuba FM restates bottom line: No intervention

Fred Feldman ffeldman at verizon.net
Sat Aug 6 09:49:07 MDT 2011


In opposing the steadily increasing US-NATO intervention in Libya and Syria
(most recently the Security Council vote on Syria abn the turning of the
Libyan DC embassy to the onetime rebels --an act of plunder),  I  consider
the protests in Syria for more democratic rights and/or a more democratic
government, and the violence fundamentally the consequence of the
government’s intolerance of serious dissent.


But no one can ignore the catastrophe that  NATO intervention has created
for the peoples of Libya, for the prospects for independence, sovereignty,
and democracy for Libya, and for the layer of sincere fighters who seem to
have lost all effective voice and control of and all sense of direction for
the movement on which many staked everything. 


Nor should we assume that the current level of NATO  intervention in Libya
is impossible. While there are many political and other obstacles to an
intervention on that scale (iincluding the so-far failed, though ruinous in
every way for Libya, imperialist war to oust Gadhafi), the UN resolution and
other steps point to more intervention in Syria – with no guaranteed upper


It is worth noting that the Israeli government, which was initially nervous
(and may still be) about the results of a successful struggle against the
Assad dictatorship, has shifted its position to coincide with Obama-Clinton,
publicly praising the protesters as fighters for “peace” and indicating that
the replacement of Assad would be a preferable outcome.

Fred Feldman

US-NATO Hands off Libya!  US-NATO Hands off Syria!

Fred  Feldman


Havana. August 5, 2011

Statement by Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Marcos Rodríguez Costa

WE express our profound concern over the treatment of the internal situation
Syria within the UN Security Council, on the basis of the heavy pressure
exercised by the Western powers on this body to adopt decisions against the
legitimate government of that country.

Taking into account the experiences and precedents already created by recent
cases, which demonstrate manipulation of the UN Charter and the double
which characterize the conduct of the Security Council, we express our
condemnation of any attempt to undermine the independence, sovereignty and
territorial integrity of that nation.

Cuba reiterates its confidence in the capacity of the Syrian government and
people to solve their internal problems without any foreign interference and
demands full respect for this Arab country's free self-determination and

Havana, August 4, 2011 

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