[Marxism] Counterpunch joins the pro-Assad brigades

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 some in the "left" seem to suggest that if a certain ruthless regime wants to repress and brutalize its people, all it has to do is to pose as anti-imperialist. this tendency bespeaks a dangerous willingness to brush aside the voice of the people for the sake of maintaining that regime. Personally, I'm not confused as to whose side i take in such situations: people and I'm equally opposed to American and western intervention in pursuit of their petty and dehumanizing interests.
 The Syrian uprising needs to be seen in the context of the long overdue struggle for elementary rights in the region rather than some imperialist scheme. America and the west will definitely try to take advantage of the situation as the case in Libya and they will do their best to roll back the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia but ultimately we are dealing with revolts fueled by legitimate grievances. it would make much more sense for the left to stand by the people in their fight against despotism as well as imperialism.
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Anas remarked: "let me clarify what i meant. we can't be selective in our rejection of certain practices just because we might find it expedient. it smacks of hypocrisy to be on the side of oppressed people somewhere and turn a blind eye to what is clearly unconscionable brutality unleashed by the Syrian government against the protestors"

I "sus", Anas, that hypocrisy is the least of our worries, here. This posturing of anti-imperialism for sectarian and Stalinist-trained or oriented activists also has a material basis given that such a stance is lent legitimacy by the support given to Syria by various leaders prized by the "left" without much challenge. I am sure this support has perceived governmental advantages and many "Monday morning 'quarterbacks" supportive of Venezuela's Chavez, Cuba and Castro, never mind the always baffling support for the likes of Ahmadinejad are simply trying to be "on the right (sic) side of history". However, as we are seeing the blood and pain on the ground in Syria, Libya, as well as continuing in Egypt, Tunisia, not to mention Gaza, this kind of support, while perhaps simply misguided, is nonetheless treachery and complicity with this murder. 

The existence of Syria's Assad, Qaddafi, and their ilk IS the way that capitalist, and imperialist, oppression is manifest today in the Middle East as much as it is in the guise of Israel and NATO bombs. That this reality is so difficult for some to understand is a function of the insidiousness of capitalist thought that permeates everything, unfortunately including the thinking of the more conscious layers of capitalism's opponents. 

In short, I think we in the "West" need a serious mass movement to right our rudders 'cause "Damn!"                            
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