[Marxism] Leaves from a debt ceiling notebook

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 11:48:04 MDT 2011

My point is that any organization claiming to be "the only" organization
with a working class orientation or with socialist politics is simply
building itself on the low level of American politics and the marginal
visibility of the Left here.

This is an ultimately unarguable statement of the bloody obvious, that
should stir no fundamental controversy.

DiMaggio's response that " basically *every* group on the left . . . thinks
it is ''the only
group with a working class orientation'" obviously conflates several things,
most obviously the difference between what people in a group might "think"
among themselves and the position to which they publicly recruit and what
they loudly assert in direct opposition to other groups. The latter trumps
any political discussion with an organizational pissing contest.  And the
former orients the group's future towards being a self-contained,
self-referencing sect . . . .

Messr Glastonbury's defense of this deceptive and dishonest practice is that
the person calling it such is clearly an S.O.B. and asks if I would "rather
have the 16 year olds of this world, adrift politically, come over to 'our'
side instead of the far right."  This bizarrely poses us a choice between
bullshitting people new to politics with surrendering them to "the far
right."  He further poses us the option of bullshitting people new to
politics with the perspectives fostered "on FOX, CNN, and other mainstream

In the end, bullshitting advertising hype about any group not only
contradicts our ultimate goals of encouraging the working class to take
charge of its own affairs, but will create a self-fulfilling destiny that
will be nothing more than an orientation to becoming an inbred sect.

I point this out not out of hostility to any particular group, but because I
would prefer a more politically healthier climate for the movement
generally.  We need to treat radicalizing people new to the movement not as
passive consumers of what b.s. the movement can generate, not as
hand-raisers in a meeting room, but as future decision-makers, who can face,
understand, and respect diversity within the movement without having their
heads explode.


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