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:) relax ese, i's just a word . . .  Like you said, you sure don't know me.  But, oh yeah, having a Mexican wife an' livin' on the border that really "brung it", huh?¡mas machote que la chingada! (yeah, another "Zootsuitismo", get over it)
Or, as so many of "us" on the border might say today, "Really? PuhLease . . ." Manuel

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> I'll be brief, LP. I promise.
> For clarification.
> I was born and raised in Ciudad Victoria, MX.
> Raised along the Mexico-Texas side of the border on both sides.
> I went to school in Mexico AND in Texas.
> I have lived in this region all my 41 years of life.
> I have family in Mexico. And I have family here.
> My wife from San  Luis Potosi, SLP.  She speaks mostly in Spanish.
> My mother, who lives close to me, has always only spoken Spanish.Never a
> word of Spanish.
> Please, Manuel, you don't know me. And I sure as hell do  NOT know you. So.
> DO NOT assume you KNOW me or the environment I live in.
> "if you'll lay off trying to be more Mexican than the Mexicans"
> So if you understand that, please lay off the Edward G. Olmo's speech from
> Zoot Suit.
> 'Ta bueno?
> Erik
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