[Marxism] Tea Party Commies

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Sat Aug 6 18:54:16 MDT 2011

 > What can one say?  They mention military spending not because they
 > sympathize with the victims of American Imperialism but because American
 > military might  is a constraint on their own power. To couple that with
 > a call for a cut in welfare is simply shameful.

   Or, could it be that the Chinese, having exploited their own population 
for decades for economic development and now with about $2 *trillion* of 
junk US treasury bonds, are concerned that that money is now at risk?

   Could it be that China is getting sick of soaking money into subsidizing 
the imperialism of fat Americans and in flat-out financing US wars, torture, 
and militarism?

   The kabuki theater of the debt crisis -- for example how the actual 
"default day" was jury rigged months outward -- must have been a spectacle 
to behold from the Chinese perspective. Them wanting the US to act 
responsibly with the money they're pouring into the US is hardly surprising.

   And as nationalists, the CCP could care less about US social programs, 
they just want their *trillions* secure so that someday China could use that 
money as China sees fit. I'm sure being able to wag a finger at the 
sanctimonious US gov't was only an added bonus.

"Whilst in ordinary life every shopkeeper is very well able to distinguish 
between what somebody professes to be and what he really is, our historians 
have not yet won even this trivial insight. They take every epoch at its 
word and believe that everything it says and imagines about itself is true." 
-- Karl Marx.

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