[Marxism] Tea Party Commies

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 20:30:01 MDT 2011

 Intense Red asked:

> Or, could it be that the Chinese, having exploited their own population
> for decades for economic development and now with about $2 *trillion* of
> junk US treasury bonds, are concerned that that money is now at risk?
> My Comment: Hi I.R. Yes of course they are getting worried about "their"
> money. They are suffering the same fate of the Japanese.  The Americans are
> deliberatedly devaluing the dollar to ease repayments on their debt. The
> Chinese are locked into supporting the American economy and are bitter about
> the price they are having to pay for that.

 I.R. asked

>   Could it be that China is getting sick of soaking money into subsidizing
> the imperialism of fat Americans and in flat-out financing US wars,
> torture,
> and militarism?
> My comment: I wish that were true. There is every sign that the rulers of
> the world and that includes the CCP want American to guarantee the status
> quo through their militarism.

 I. R. concluded

And as nationalists, the CCP could care less about US social programs,
they just want their *trillions* secure so that someday China could use that
money as China sees fit. I'm sure being able to wag a finger at the
sanctimonious US gov't was only an added bonus.
My comment: Well the key word is "nationalists". You are right of course,
but once upon a time the second C in CCP stood for "Communism" - not
Capitalism. It is because of the betrayal, that they invoke in me a special
disgust. But that is my Irishness. We loathe traitors more than the enemy.



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