[Marxism] The American “left” and the debt ceiling deal

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 16:54:49 MDT 2011

I'm a little surprised by it.  The charges are groundless, but unarguable,
since it's based on allegations about something we can't really measure
directly . . . what's between the ears of the ISO leaders.

This is what used to be called spectral evidence when it was used for
hunting witches, and that's been one of the Great American Sports since
1692, though what's hunted using this technique has evolved.  It's used on
the Left, too, mostly within organizations for ferreting out anti-party
intentions, etc.

The bottom line here is that, on the landscape of the American Left (left of
the CP, as we used to say), the ISO is the biggest, youngest and most
promising formation around.  That alone makes it the focus of a lot of
resentments among its would-be rivals.  These things rarely inspire a lot of

In the early 1970s, the YSA and SWP were in such a position.  I still
remember the many groups and currents that used to regularly denounce us for
precisely the same affection for the Democrats and liberals.  I recall one
bizarre little sociological breakdown of the YSA distributed by some
groupling or other at the 1971 convention that argued that we were actually
a manifestation of bourgeois Progressives, based on our allegedly having too
many Midwesterners of Protestant backgrounds in the leadership. My response
at the time was that the authors of this critique were probably certifiable.

However, it all seems to me to boil down to getting a bite out of the
largest carcass.

The best revenge is to keep focused on the principles and grow.


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