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Constance, Countess, Markievicz (1868-1927) was an Irish revolutionary
leader of the early 1900s.  She was the founder of the first republican
paramilitary organisation of the 1900s, na Fianna Eireann.  She taught them
to shoot, drill and track and wrote their handbook.  A number of officers of
the subsequent IRA were "Fianna boys" trained initially by her.  (She came
from an aristocraic background in Sligo and later married a Polish count, so
she knew a lot about guns and was a crack-shot).

She was also one of the main founders of what Lenin described as Europe's
"first workers' milita", the Irish Citzen Army, and served on its
seven-person Army Council.  The ICA was established during the Great Dublin
Lockout of 1913.  She fought in the 1916 Easter Rebellion, being
second-in-command of the combined revolutionary forces at Stephen's Green in
the centre of Dublin and was sentenced to death by the British for her
leading part in the Rising (commuted to penal servitude for life).
Considered to be one of the most hardline of the 1916 prisoners, she was in
the last small batch to be releasedby the British in June 1917.  In 1918 she
became the first woman elected to the British parliament, standing as a Sinn
Fein candidate in a poor working class area of Dublin.  She became Minister
of Labour in the underground Dail Eireann and also led Cumann na mBan, the
women's wing of the IRA, during the 'Tan War' (or war for independence).
She opposed the 1921 Treaty and fought again in the civil war that followed
the Treaty.

I collected many of her writings a long time ago in Dublin and am getting
them up slowly on The Irish Revolution blog.  Today I've put up various
articles she wrote about the Fianna and one about Jim Larkin, the Fianna and
the King's Visit of 1911, plus one she wrote about Wolfe Tone (the founder
of Irish republicanism).  A little while back I put up some articles she
wrote about the conditions of women in English prisoners (she was writing
mainly about common priosners, not politicals) and various other bits and
pieces of hers.

Check out: http://theirishrevolution.wordpress.com/


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