[Marxism] Vysočany Congress (video film, 2008)

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 00:15:16 MDT 2011


Vysočany Congress
Video film, 36:10, 2008
Learning Film Group (Nikolay Oleynikov, Yevgeny Fiks, and Ilya Budraitskis)

The Secret Vysočany Congress of the Czechoslovak Communist Party took
place in August 1968, just two days after Soviet tanks invaded Prague.
For this re-enactment, the artists found the actual place (the ČKD
Factory in Vysočany, a suburb of Prague) where the congress took
place. They interviewed the organizers of the event, workers who are
still employed at the plant, and they invited artists, critics,
historians, and leftist activists in the present-day Czech Republic to
discuss the congress, its meaning and its impact.

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