[Marxism] "The Tent Protests in Israel: Can They Break Out of the(Zionist) Box?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 8 07:43:53 MDT 2011

At 06:51 08/08/11 -0400, Dennis Brasky wrote:
> Jeff Halper, "The Tent Protests in Israel: Can They Break Out of the
>(Zionist) Box?"
>So far there is a conscious effort by the majority of protesters and
>organizers to exclude the Occupation from the discussion and to keep the
>protests "non-political."

This is a very good article and certainly raises the crucial questions! On
the same subject, a friend sent me a link to a surprising video of these
protests in Tel Aviv from a week earlier, which portrays the protest as
being more radical than anything I had ever heard of inside Israel which
involved more than a few hundred anarchists and international solidarity
activists.  In fact what it shows seems so encouraging I almost hesitate to
believe it:

This video includes extensive narration with chants and spot interviews
subtitled in English. It portrays Israelis calling for "Revolution" and
linking the fate of Netanyahu with that of Mubarak and Assad. At one point
a pair of right-wingers are shown calling for more houses to be built in
the settlements in order to solve the housing shortage, but they appear
isolated and jeered by the crowd which is decidedly left-wing.

Again, I am just passing this on and don't know how seriously to take this,
let alone having an answer to the core questions posed by Jeff Halper's
article. If the video had been produced by some far-left party I might have
dismissed it as staged and contrived, but it was made by "The Real News"
network and seems believable as much as it seems unbelievable.....

- Jeff

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