[Marxism] Scott McLemee's exchange with an unhappy reader

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 18:43:27 MDT 2011

> My article made clear that North's critique of Service is worth
> reading. Hence, it was extremely generous towards a book by someone
> who has otherwise produced a great deal of garbage, or perhaps more
> accurately, toxic waste. You say you were "repulsed" by my lack of
> deference to North/Green, but that is too pale a word for what
> informed non-members of the cult feel for its history.
Hah, nice. Is this an appropriate time to ask what I can only assume has
been asked a lot, but I have only heard and found brief answers, about not
only why North/Green goes by a second name (to simply hide his business?)
and if the SEP members actually know and don't care or don't know...

It is sad and confusing. The WSWS seems to have a lot of people in varying
places writing for it with some (usually up till the conclusion) really good
articles. And the SEP seems to be fairly wide spread -- though not large.


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