[Marxism] The American “left” and the debt ceiling deal

Tristan Sloughter kungfooguru at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 19:50:02 MDT 2011

I am in the ISO. But I wouldn't say I can vouch for exactly the ISO's stance
on all issues ;)

Regarding an 'concluding a political alternative to the left' is simply that
liberals or those Left of liberals are starting to realize the Democrats
aren't who they thought. I know this happened in the 90's with Clinton and
caused a number of ISO members I know to find and join the ISO at that time.
And I know liberals my age (26), who spent their entire
politically conscience lives under Bush, have come to this realization -- in
'06 and '08 they were much less open to attacking Dems and not open at all
to breaking from them -- I assume '92 was similar. These people range from
those who simply won't be campaigning for Obama this time around to those
who realize building something else is a necessity.

Rebuilding the 'independent Left' is a Left that is not a voting block for
the Democrats and won't rely on them or large liberal organizations to fight
the austerity and oppression engrained in the capitalist society we live
in. Of course, I think many are still not even aware that it was Obama who
put Social Security and Medicare on the table for cuts during the debt
ceiling debate! And students and others my age don't remember Clinton's plan
to privatize Social Security. So it will be a battle to bring these people
around, but a fight we must accept and win to achieve a militant and
revolutionary party.

As Obama's presidency continues I can only assume more and more will be open
to joining a Left alternative looking to fight. And I don't just mean the
younger people I've been talking about above, but the workers of all ages
who are under direct attack by this administration and corporate America --
Verizon workers!

I am really interested to see what Obama's campaign pulls out for 2012... I
can only assume it'll be based on fear.

I hope that somewhat answered your questions :)


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