[Marxism] Tariq Ali on British riots: Why here and now?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 21:59:14 MDT 2011

Hi Stuart,

there is obviously a sense of continuity based on the continued
marginalisation of people of colour.  But it is also important to grasp the
rupture with that continuity.  In a very profound sense this is not the
1980s.  We are not just at the end of the Long Economic boom as we were
then.  Rather we have just ratcheted down one more spiral into the abyss of
a Great Depression.  That explains the necessity to refuse all liberal never
mind radical explanations of what is happening.

The broad consensus that this is about looting and looting only springs
directly from a fear of the Jacquerie. The international economy is out of
control and the austerian push is only going to make matters worse.

I'll say it again: I can smell the fear of the ruling class.  They are
powerless to exempt themselves from the drive to accumulate even though
there is a growing awareness among their intellectual strata that something
different must be done.

Because they are locked into mutually assured destruction they can do
nothing but make plans to produce more plastic bullets or even resort to the
fascist street thug option.

Interesting times indeed.



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