[Marxism] Wisconsin GOP recall fails

Dan Russell proletariandan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 10:52:27 MDT 2011

> They would very much like to put a damper on that opposition, even
> if funneled into the Democratic Party.

What? Funneling that opposition into the Democratic Party is exactly
what dampened it. The channeling into the recalls by the AFL-CIO/DP
machinery was the real defeat of the protests - this simply makes it more
clear and formal. John Nichols has the guile to claim that this was a step
forward for 'progressives' in Wisconsin or that there is a 'new pro-labor'
majority in the state senate? I think overall, Madison still represents more
of an advance than a defeat, but I don't think we can pretend that the
post-protest period has been anything but a defeat for the working-class.


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