[Marxism] Making excuses for Bashar al-Assad

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 11 08:01:17 MDT 2011

Some in the Arab world and on the international left, alas, make 
excuses for the regime’s brutality on the grounds that it belongs 
to the “resistance axis” arrayed against the US and Israel. 
Because it has been a conduit for arms used to drive Israel out of 
Lebanon, for instance, the regime is to be granted leeway in 
battling its opponents, no matter who they are or what they seek. 
Such is the opportunistic position of Hizballah in Lebanon, as it 
defies its own stated principles of resistance to injustice in 
favor of keeping secure the flow of arms and logistical support 
through the Syrian channel. In so doing, Hizballah demonstrates 
that it is like any other self-interested political party, 
tarnishing its cherished reputation for nobler motivations.

Being critical of Western intervention, or even supporting 
resistance to it, does not require a stance of support for the 
Damascene cusp of the “axis,” either ethically or logically. The 
struggles of activists against US hegemony or against Israeli 
occupation of Palestine will not be harmed by the fall of the 
Syrian regime, which has mostly “resisted” civil rights and a 
decent life for ordinary Syrians (and, for 35 years, full Lebanese 
sovereignty). If anything, the “resistance” rhetoric of Damascus 
and Tehran has besmirched the name of activists for peace and 
justice by association, even if that association is usually 
unwanted and, therefore, unfair.

full: http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/2361/syrias-torment

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