[Marxism] Eric Foner review of new Robin Blackburn book on slavery

CallMe Ishmael llamadmeismael7 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 10:03:46 MDT 2011

Compare Greg Grandin's take:


"But this new book, monumental though it is, shouldn't be read as a
culmination but rather a catching of breath, and a continuation of
arguments initially made by the great original theorists of the
Atlantic World system, Eric Williams, CLR James, and WEB Du Bois, who,
writing in the early 20th century, were among the first to stress the
importance of slavery in the creation of western culture and society."

> (I scanned briefly through Robin Blackburn's new book a couple of weeks ago
> and got the impression that it disassociated itself from the Eric Williams
> thesis connecting slavery to capitalism. It even offers a brief
> recapitulation of the Dobb/Brenner analysis of changes in the British
> countryside to counter this view. Foner's review of the book confirms my
> initial impression.)

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