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Thu Aug 11 12:52:41 MDT 2011

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These riots seem – well, curious. A sort of mash up of social technologies,
mass mobility, consumerism, naked opportunism and so on, and add in an
unhinged quality – fed in part by immediate media which reflect and
self-reflect actions which  by any measure immiserate the communities they
occur in. If that sounds very po-faced, apologies, but it’s very difficult
not to see the reports of an Halfords being broken into in Catford and a
women who was driving past stopping and saying, laughing, ‘Satnav! I want a
not think that there’s some weird dynamic at work here which has
jumped far beyond the initial shooting of Mark
Duggan<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Tottenham_riots>by the police
in very dubious circumstances.
On the other hand anyone who has lived in London will know the capacity for
almost random violence outside pubs late at night, particularly when the
weather is good during Summer. A lot of people, mostly young, compacted into
a small space will do that. And it’s spread to some degree to Birmingham.

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