[Marxism] L.A. Rebellion: spontaneous revolt and Marxist theory

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Thu Aug 11 23:12:08 MDT 2011


....How interesting that technology everywhere displaces labor, reducing the
number of personnel.

There was a time when it was hoped that the mere development of technical
and industrial progress, the increase in mechanization and automation, would
contribute to the well-being of the masses. This has once again shown itself
to be a hollow mockery. The truth is that the development of higher and more
sophisticated technology under capitalism doesn't contribute to the welfare
of the masses but on the contrary, throws them into greater misery.

What has been the general trend? The growth of technology, particularly
sophisticated high technology, has reduced the number of workers employed in
industry as well as in the services. The introduction of labor-saving
devices and methods has dramatically reduced the number of workers in all

But the opposite trend prevails in the police forces. This is an absolutely
incontestable fact.

At one time the police patrolled the streets on foot. Maybe they used a
public telephone for communications with headquarters. Today they are
equipped with sophisticated gear. They ride either on motorcycles or in
police cars or helicopters. They communicate by radio.

All this should reduce the number of police. But the trend is quite the
contrary: to increase the forces of repression. This is not geared to
productivity as in industry. Their growth is geared to the growth of
national antagonisms, the growth of racism, and the bourgeoisie's general
anti-labor offensive....

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