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Soros' jilted ex on their 5-year affair and his sudden change of heart

Happy Birthday, Georgie!

As baggy-eyed billionaire George Soros celebrated his 81st birthday 
yesterday, his 28-year-old bombshell Brazilian ex-lover revealed in an 
exclusive interview with The Post all the seamy details of the pair's 
oddball, five-year relationship -- from their romantic first dates to 
their pillow talks, to how she discovered he was cheating with his 
traveling nurse.

"For five years, he was my boyfriend. He was respectful and loveable. 
Then, suddenly, he changed and became cruel. I don't know why he would 
do this to me," wept spurned Latin lovely Adrianna Ferreyr.

Ferreyr -- who is suing Soros for $50 million in Manhattan court -- said 
that before their relationship went south, she and the mogul were as 
normal as any other couple, despite their 53-year age gap.

"He treated me with a lot of respect," she said.

"When we first started dating, I would see him every weekend at his 
house in Bedford. He was very nice, very sweet, very loveable . . . We 
traveled and went to St. Bart's.

"As far as I was concerned, this was a proper, loving, committed 
relationship. He introduced me to people as his girlfriend after a year. 
We attended events. I met his friends. I met his business associates."

Ferreyr said that if other people had problems with their age 
difference, she didn't.

"Some people don't understand the age difference, but for me, it wasn't 
a problem," she said. "I wouldn't go out with a muscular guy who has 
tattoos, but I wouldn't call other people strange because they have 
different taste than me.

"He is a likeable person. He is outspoken," she said of the famously 
lefty Soros. "I spent a lot of time with him, and I had a lot of 
feelings for him."

Still, despite his estimated $14.5 billion worth, he's a real 
cheapskate, she conceded.

"During the first three years of our relationship, he gave me nothing, 
not even a birthday present. Nothing," she said.

"After the three years, he gave me some expense money, but that was it. 
He never paid my rent or gave me an allowance."

A former soap-opera star in her native Brazil, Ferreyr refused to 
discuss the pair's sex life, saying only, "We had a happy, normal 

"For the entire five years of our relationship, I was monogamous," she 
said. "He knew it was monogamous, and he made sure I was monogamous.

"I was hoping that we would settle down. We couldn't have children 
because of his age, but I hoped there would be a future for us."

The pair was committed enough that Soros agreed to allow her to shop for 
her own Manhattan apartment, she said.

She found the perfect place -- a $1.9 million condo at 30 E. 85th St. -- 
and Soros agreed to pony up for it, she said.

"I did a lot of research on it. I made sure it was a good investment," 
Ferreyr told The Post. "I explained to him what good a deal it was, why 
I loved it, why it would be a great place to live. It was two blocks 
from his apartment.

"He told me, 'I am going to buy it. I am going to do this for you,' " 
she said.

Then, the curvy cutie said, the day after they signed for the pad in 
December, he blindsided her.

"We were in bed, and he just replied coldly and bluntly that he had 
given [the apartment] to his other girlfriend," Ferreyr recalled. "I got 
emotional and cried . . . He just said, 'I don't care.'

"I was in bed with him. It was horrifying for me."

Even then, Ferreyr said, the worst was yet to come. As she tried to 
reason with him, he physically attacked her, slapping her, choking her 
and tossing a lamp at her, she said.

"He just snapped. I had never seen him like that before. I was afraid," 
she said.

The teary-eyed temptress said it was then that she realized their 
relationship was over -- and that she had been ditched.

The "other woman" was another pretty brunette, Tamiko Bolton, 39, whom 
Soros traveled with and described as his "nurse."

Before that night, "he told me he wasn't involved romantically with her, 
that she just was a travel companion and was just like a nurse for him," 
Ferreyr recalled.

"I wanted to believe it, and that is why it was very, very hurtful when 
he gave her the apartment and said she was his girlfriend. He had told 
me, 'She [is] like a butler. She is like a nurse to me. She is a 
companion . . . I am not sexually involved with her. I am not attracted 
to her. I prefer to be with you, but you are in school [at Columbia] so 
I don't travel with you,' " Ferreyr said.

"Then, he gave her my dream apartment. I was completely heartbroken," 
she said.

But Ferreyr said Soros still wouldn't let her go.

In the ensuing weeks, he had his secretaries call her, she said, "but I 
never called back.

"Finally, he called me. He is not the type of person to beg much for 
anyone back. He was quiet and embarrassed. When . . . I saw him again, 
he was loving. We got back together and started dating again.

"Then he invited me for tea at his house. He said to me, 'Go look for an 
apartment. I owe you an apartment anyway.' "

She said she found another pad -- at $4.3 million, more than twice as 
much as the other one but in the same building.

But when she told him the news, he pretended to know nothing about it, 
Ferreyr said.

"What? No, I am not going to buy you an apartment! What are you talking 
about?" the woman said Soros yelled at her.

"I started crying and said, 'Why would you do this?' " she said. "It is 
intentional infliction of emotional distress."

Of her related lawsuit, Ferreyr said: "This isn't about money. He 
thought he could intimidate me and scare me away, but I won't go away. I 
want him to explain in front of a jury why he did this to me."

But Soros' high-powered lawyer, William Zabel, told The Post that's 
exactly what it's about -- money.

"This is essentially an attempt to extract a lot of money for a 
broken-up romance . . . from a very rich man thinking he'd succumb to 
the attempt at publicity," Zabel said.

"This is a man who's a great philanthropist and human being, who lived 
through the Holocaust. You think he hits women? I represented both of 
his wives, who said he never raised a hand against either of them."

Zabel called the $50 million figure "outrageous," adding that "if every 
married couple who disagreed with money issues could go to court for it, 
I'd be in court every day with that kind of case."

Ferreyr remains undaunted.

"George is so powerful he thinks he can get rid of anyone he wants," she 
said. "But I am not going away. I am going to fight."

Additional reporting by Kate Sheehy

emily.smith at nypost.com

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