[Marxism] A Palestinian revolutionary - Jabra Nicola and the Radical Left

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Sun Aug 14 06:51:48 MDT 2011

Ran Greenstein: A Palestinian revolutionary - Jabra Nicola and the Radical
> Left
> http://www.israeli-occupation.org/2011-08-13/ran-greenstein-a-palestinian-revolutionary-jabra-nicola-and-the-radical-left/
> Moshé Machover: "He had precisely what we lacked then – a consistent and
> comprehensive grasp of the Zionist settlement process and especially its
> impact
> on Arab society in Palestine. We acquired from him a deeper, more complete
> conceptualization of Israel as the realization of Zionist settlement. He
> also
> grasped the Arab Revolution as one indivisible process."
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