[Marxism] The Comintern's unknown decision on workers' governments

John Riddell johnriddell at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 14 08:19:09 MDT 2011

Dear friends,


I have published the portion of my edition of the Fourth Congress of the
Communist International proceedings that presents its decision on the
question of a workers' government.

The resolution is preceded by a short commentary, which begins:

English-language discussion of the Communist International's 1922 call for
workers' governments has been based on a preliminary draft that was
significantly altered before its adoption. Here, probably for the first time
in English, is the amended text that the congress actually adopted.

The call for a workers' government emerged from German workers' struggles in
1920 as a way of posing the need for workers' power in a context where no
alternative structure of revolutionary councils, or soviets, yet existed....

This 1922 resolution lies far in the past, but it is relevant to the Marxist
attitude toward governments formed by workers' parties in the world today.


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