[Marxism] Grigori Boltianskii and Vertov's Marxism

Negar Mottahedeh negar at duke.edu
Sun Aug 14 13:37:18 MDT 2011

I have heard some about the influence of the Menshevik Grigori Boltianskii on Vertov's Marxism. His influence, apparently, led Vertov to produce visual and rhetorical equivalences between the working classes, women, citizens of developing countries, and the proletarian masses as film spectators, representing them as co-owners in the fate of the Soviet Union post 1917 (in Man With the Movie Camera, among other films). Dennis's post on The Help and the collapse of race and class distinctions in Hollywood films reminded me of this. I was wondering if anyone here has access to translations of Boltianskii's work or knows of any research that has been done in English on him.

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